About Us

About Us

 About the Polaroid Brand

Across several generations, people regard Polaroid as the most trusted, well-respected and recognizable brands when it comes to instant photography.

The Polaroid story began more than seventy years ago with polarized sunglasses, evolved into instant film, cameras, and camera accessories, as well as other consumer electronics categories. People can expect to see new Polaroid branded products that will deliver the fun, instant gratification and value for which the brand has long stood.

Polaroid Colour Spectrum

Call it “Artsy Chic” or “Retro,” there is no doubt that the Polaroid Color Spectrum exemplifies the creativity and imagination that surrounds the Polaroid brand. For years, it has been integral to Polaroid photographic offerings used by influential and emerging artists that form our history.

Classic Polaroid Border Logo

The Polaroid Classic Border Logo is a symbol of products that exemplify the core aspects of the Polaroid brand and that contribute to its heritage of quality and innovation.

Polaroid Official Flag

Instantly recognizable. Instantly reassuring. The Polaroid Classic Border and Polaroid Color Spectrum logos let you know you've purchased a product that exemplifies the best qualities of our brand and that contribute to our rich heritage of quality and innovation.


About Brands NZ

In NZ, Polaroid is distributed and marketed by Brands Distribution Group NZ Ltd.

From nostalgic Polaroid instant cameras and corporate event imaging packages to passport photo business solutions, we invite consumers, retailers and commercial partners to look, touch, feel, and to experience the chemistry between art and ambition, science and sensuality, engineering and enjoyment. Each of the brands that Brands Distribution Group NZ Ltd handles receives the total focus of a dedicated sales and marketing team. Our consumer insights ensure our brands remain keenly positioned in their respective markets and the potency of our marketing communications continue to stir passions for the best in form as well as function. The results speak for themselves; Our brands are leaders in their respective markets - demanded by the trade and loved by consumers.